About Us

Quest for Tone

Nico's USA was formed in 2008 in a small basement in the quest for vintage tone. Hand winding pickups launched a whole new journey in what started out as a parts company. Quickly, pickup manufacturing became priority number one, its the source of tone.

It all starts here...

In the beginning it was all about making pickups that were affordable yet sounded great, not just good, but great. In the experimentation process we realized two things:

  1. Hand wound pickups truly do sound better
  2. Alnico magnets offer the best vintage tone, all others fail.

Because of these two facts, we launched Nico's USA back in 2008 to offer the best tone at the best price.

The proof is what comes out of your amp

While many of today's solid state amps replicate the tones of yesterday, they lack the warmth, richness and vibrancy found in the components of the 50s and 60s. Pickups too are no different. As the 70s came around amp and pickup manufacturers began producing sub standard equipment and pickups using alternate and cheaper components this yielded a brittle and stale tone. Not only did amps and stereo equipment see it but in pickups too.

Many pickup companies began making ceramic pickups for higher output yet poorer tone. The tone was dead and lacked the depth of the pickups of yesterday. Because of this fact we use only vintage components.

We have rejected modern manufacturing components and even some practices to achieve the best vintage pickup in the market. For this reason we have many satisfied customers trading in their pickups from some of today's bigger, and more expensive manufacturers, for ours. Our pickups simply sound better. The proof is in the pudding, or what comes out of your amp.

Experience Tone