Julian Sas Test Drives Our '62 Pickups, Plans Live CD!!!

On the heels of an amazing release, "Coming Home", Julian is planning a live CD. In addition, he is currently test driving our '62 RG Pickups.

One of the coolest things about winding pickups is the people we get to work with. Julian is no doubt one of the coolest in the music industry. So when he asks us about making pickups that resemble the tone of one of his heroes, Rory Gallagher, we jumped at the opportunity to send him a set of our '62 RG Strat® pickups. They are one of our more popular sets and are amazing under high gain situations. We can't wait to hear what he does with these pickups!

In addition, Julian, who plays simply amazing live, is planning to release a live CD featuring his latest live material. Can't wait!!!

If you have not had a chance to hear "Coming Home", Julian's latest release, treat yourself to an amazing album and have a listen. Well worth it!

For more info about Julian Sas, check out www.juliansas.com  


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