We Own Land joins forces with Nico's USA Pickups!!
Nico's USA welcomes on board the up and coming rock & punk band, We Own Land.

Nico's USA is proud to announce the addition of We Own Land to our crew!

Hailing from Newport, Rhode Island, We Own Land is a powered up, high energy rock/punk band often blending and melting different styles into their own.

Led by guitarists Travis Ward and Jonny Jones, the band has one debut album under their belt and have plans for more.  They came together in January... of 2010, consisting of Vocalist Craig Ferris, Dual Lead Guitarists Jonny Jones and Travis Ward, Scott Shuttlesworth on Bass Guitar and Jim Stearns on the drums. Five friends from the same area, with overlapping yet distinctly different musical influences. They've all shared the same stage as band mates and openers/headliners with one another at different times in a multitude of different bands like Positive Outlook, Nerve, Dead Beat, Instinct, Backwash, The Motormags, One Ton Shotgun, Bone, Mother Jefferson, Order 66 and Kingpin to name a few from the list.

Nowadays, We Own Land are all about five friends creating and playing music that they love, playing the music that they themselves love to listen to. This love of their music is most evident in their high energy live shows. They've collectively been through everything local bands can go through in a scene that is ever changing and evolving. They have a plan and they're sticking to it.

To hear their latest record on Bandcamp, click here.

Travis Ward and Jonny Jones of We Own Land

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