Nico's USA DG Strat® Pickups Perfect for the Power Strat®!!!

Unbelievably dynamic tone, rich in mid range, is one way to describe DG Strat® pickups.

Designed to provide players with a powerful rock tone, whether blues-rock, hard rock, or power metal, these pickups have been a hit with many types of players. More and more, players are opting for pickups with a thick rich mid range presence in lieu of the traditional brighter and lower output pickups.

The DG pickups have a beautifully rich and dynamic mid range that doesn't detract from the overall vintage warmth yet has the power required for today's players. The high end is still articulate and does well to highlight the nuances of one's playing style. The low end is still tight and punchy and because their is clarity in the low end the pickup is clean, with amazing clarity, warmth and dynamic range.

We have provided a Player Video of the middle pickup with no effects. As you can see the pickup is Strat® through and through, beautiful, warm, rich with gorgeous bell like chime but also has incredible power and presence.

The Neck pickup has an approximate output of 6.5k, the middle output is about 6.75k and the bridge is 13k with most coming out of the shop at closer to 13.5k. Power. Tone. Dynamics. Warmth.

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